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A new way to earn more, for less.

Access international projects, create your own pop-up teams, & earn more.

Our mission is to build a space which empowers freelancers, fractional professionals, and small digital agency owners to progress their careers, grow their businesses, collaborate, and win bigger deals.

Apply to the Rafiki network today.

Put your best foot forward, we only accept the top few applicants each month.

If accepted, you’ll get exposure to both Rafiki agency projects + international projects looking for skill-specific specialists.

You’ll also be able to connect with complementary skill-sets, build your own pop-up teams,  and close larger projects.

Validate, build, & grow. Efficiently.

Access the skills you need, on-demand & fully-managed.

Tell us about your business, we’re here to listen. After hearing about what you want, we’ll advise on what you really need, no extras!

We’ll assess your needs & whether you’re a good match for our business & team.

We take a partnership-styled approach and prefer to work with founders we align with well.

By being part of the Rafiki platform, you’ll be able to scale your team up & down as and when you need.

We’ll help you identify the right talent, and take care of all fractional workforce payments & admin.

Increase your agency potential.

We’re the chicken to your egg...

...or is it the egg to your chicken? With access to flexible, skill-specific talent, we’ll help you juggle overheads with fluctuating client demands. You’ll also get access to international projects and client work, as Rafiki drives the right demand towards your offering.

Apply as an agency today.

We’ll assess whether or not you’re a good match for our platform and the international client demand we’re currently receiving.

If your agency is accepted, you’ll get access to flexible, skill-specific product, design, marketing & strategy specialists for your agency.

You’ll then reap the rewards of being able to adjust your team as and when client demands fluctuate.

Act like a startup, sting like an SMB.

Move fast, move lean, & get your new product seen.

We’ve worked with private equity funds, travel and hospitality brands, consultancies, and distribution companies. Regardless of what you are, we’ll ensure you approach talent acquisition & projects like a lean startup.

You’ve got an exciting project on the cards, but you’re unsure what skillsets you need, and want a flexible team to drive the project.

We’ll find the exact skills your business needs.

And introduce you to your pop-up team of specialists, and your Rafiki Project manager.

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Everything you need to know about using Rafiki to build your freelance business, grow your agency, or find the right fractional talent to grow your company.

What is Rafiki Works?

Rafiki is a platform for fractional talent across Africa. We help founders, startups and SMBs in the UK, Europe, and the US, find the right, skill-specific independents or small agencies for both fixed-term and ongoing support. By doing so, we empower freelancers, consultants, and agency owners across Africa to progress their careers through access to international opportunities and the tools they need to extend their own service offerings.

Who is Rafiki for?

Rafiki is for independent freelance or small agency talent in Africa, and founders, startups and SMBs internationally.

What makes Rafiki different to other platforms?

We've taken a talent-first approach to building Rafiki. Everything we're building has the top percentage of talent in Africa in mind. Through platform utility, education on rates, and assistance in driving the right demand towards relevant talent, Rafiki both empowers & supports talent across Africa.

We're what we call 'talent-first' focussed. This doesn't mean we don't prioritise your business. It simply means that by focussing on the needs and careers of top talent, we're prioritising your business's most valuable resource...talent.

Is Rafiki free?

Yes, Rafiki is free for talent to use, and we'll never cut into the earnings potential of talent. However, we do not accept all talent applications, and maintain strict vetting of talent and a needs assessment considering international demand when accepting applications.

Rafiki has various flexible pricing tiers for founders, agency owners, startups and SMBs looking for support or access to our skill-specific talent on an ongoing, fractional basis.

Is Rafiki only for freelancers and agency owners in Africa?

We're focussed on creating opportunities for talent across Africa. As such, we are currently only open to freelance and small agency talent in Africa.

All international founders, startups or SMBs looking for talent are welcome to enquire.

How do we vet talent?

We currently manually vet every application we receive based on the relevant fields our application form requires. Following this, we interview each applicant before deciding on whether or not they're accepted into our platform. Where possible, we test talent on internal projects with smaller clients before recommending them for larger projects directly.