The ecosystem for fractional  talent in Africa

We believe the future of work lies in the freelance economy in Africa. We've uncovered significant pain points in sourcing, recruitment, the ways team are structured, and opportunities to provide significant value to freelancers in Africa. If you're a freelancer, founder, investor, or hiring manager, we'd love to chat!


The venture studio for Future of Work startups in Africa.


Skills-based recruitment for fractional talent in Africa


Fractional design & tech support for startups.

The Rafiki Ecosystem

Africa has one of the fastest-growing populations of technical talent globally. Our mission is to connect this talent to global opportunities through a 3-pillared approach to job-security, international exposure, and entrepreneurial opportunities.

We believe the high performance teams of tomorrow will integrate in-house resources with fractional talent on a granular, skill-specific basis, empowering companies to move quickly, efficiently scaling resources up or down as and when required to drive growth. Our goal is to streamline the use of time, money, and human capital across the freelance economy.

Fractional design & tech support for startups. Our flexible approach to working with teams by integrating fractional talent into in-house teams, or building from the ground up, saves time, money, and derisks operations substantially. Brand design, custom Webflow development, and growth marketing specialists.

Skills-based recruitment of fractional  talent across Africa. Our approach is focussed understanding the requirements around specific skill stacks and softwares for startups, and is available through a fully managed or direct-to-talent structure.

Fuelled by our agency, and supported by our recruitment vertical, our venture studio is laser-focussed on the freelance economy across Africa. We're busy working on our first studio startup right now, but will soon be inviting founders in Africa to participate in our studio.  

CLIENTS that trust us

Ryan Beangstrom
"We were very impressed at the quality and speed of Rafiki's work and I'm really looking forward to continuing the relationship."

Ryan Beangstrom

Co Founder | Verdant Data

Aisosa Obasohan
"Rafiki’s advocacy for growth opportunities for freelancers in Africa was evident during my work with the team. I absolutely loved how contract procedures were transparent and effectively handled. It was a walk in the park for me!"

Aisosa Obasohan

Senior Product Designer

Daniel Lun
"Working with Rafiki Works has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve always appreciated their open and clear communication. Their passion for freelancing and recruitment in Africa is genuine. A lot to look forward to with joining their team!"

Daniel Lun

Senior Webflow Developer

Nicolas Beterette
“Rafiki has done a great job building out our brand, website and booking engine integration. Their team are super knowledgeable and helped us come to quick and well thought out product decisions that lead to us launching our first product in weeks rather than months”

Nicolas Beterette

Co founder & CEO | Onzite