An ecosystem connecting talent in Africa to global opportunities

Africa has one of the fastest-growing populations of technical talent globally. We connect this talent to global opportunities. By helping freelancers source and manage clients, and identify the right software and tools for end-to-end workflow management, we exist to progress freelance careers through developing skills and finding great jobs.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to strengthen the flow of work opportunities between Africa and the rest of the world. Through an exceptional pool of remote talent in Africa, we help progress smart and ambitious talent, while simultaneously helping international companies grow.

Why Rafiki?

If you've ever watched The Lion King (who hasn't?), you'll undoubtedly remember Rafiki, the charismatic and somewhat eccentric confidant to the king of the Pride Lands, Mufasa.

Rafiki uses his wisdom to guide those around him, most notably Simba, and ultimately nurtures and guides the next generation along their path from adolescence, into adulthood, and ultimately exceptional leaders of their prides.

So there you have it. We exist to support the next generation of tech talent in Africa. is officially partnered with the worlds#1 coding bootcamp, Le Wagon, meaning we have an exceptional talent pool of candidates looking for their next role.